In search of surprises in mangalore

One might think what would make me such an expert of food and the foodie hotspots . Well when one is of young blood and ready to invest time in the pursuit of that heavenly gastronomic experience and has been at it for 3 years you know you might have seen it all. Atleast in a place like Mangalore and you have friends who are just as committed to the cause:)

And when Mangalore was outgrown we moved to explore Bangalore, Mumbai and Goa in our weekender haunt for soul satisfying food.

Soul satisfying ? Yes this must be a new adjective to describe food and I must possibly copyright it. Anyways this soul satisfying funda of food is that food must not only taste good but also agree with our body and give you that feeling of contentedness and not the fiery after effects of excess oil,chilli powder and garam masala that normally kills the experience though once in a while even that can be a lovely phase. Yes even I have these cravings for spicy food that may liven up my tongue after all the tongue numbing bland food.

So when such cravings of fiery food wipe out all other thoughts I head to the Maharaja , Mangalore which has the best ghee roast in town. Ghee roast is a typical bunt gravy that is consist of 2 main ingredients: red chillies and ghee. And this is best had with the main ingredient chicken. But if that does not suit you there is paneer ghee roast on the menu. Paneer is a beautiful main ingredient for this dish too as it adds its milky sweetness which is a perfect balance for all that spiciness from the chillies. And this is another dish that is like a visually captivating with the milky white paneer and the fiery red gravy.

Here is a pic:


Here is the recipe that I tried at home from Revinas blog:


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