fish cravings

Sometimes you get bored of all the veg food and the hard core nonveg:p and thats when the good old fish comes to the rescue. And with fish there is no experimenting continental for me . A fish must be had the traditional way and nothing can taste better.

But what do you do when you are far from home and working in Mangalore and must have fish simple homemade style. Well there is just the place. It is Manjas in Car street Mangalore.  A hole in the wall place but that has never stopped me and when hygiene is guaranteed there are no other obstacles. The lovliest fish I had in a long time and all tasting homemade. Even the serving style is  traditional with a long bench with lots of seats. The place is so crowded that if you visit after 2pm it will be difficult to get a fish of your choice. But visit it at 12.30 and you have a variety to choose from with mackerel, promfret , prawns , bonzil ,surmai  to choose from. And it is divine. And to top it off there is a glass of buttermilk which is just made right and so hard to find in good  old Mangalore.

A home away from home for me when I have fish cravings.

A must try is the bonzil fry though the others are also irresistible.

The cost per plate is somewhere around 100 bucks depending on choice of fish.




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